After I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M10 mirrorless camera and acquiring micro-4/3 lenses, I gave my Canon EOS 60D (and the 10D that belonged to my dad) to my brother in Malaysia.

Sadly he didn’t make any use of it, and it stayed in the backpack for over 2 years, unprotected from the humid climate. On a recent trip back there, I decided to bring it back with me and see if I could either make use of it, or sell it.

Upon closer inspection and doing some tests, I found that ALL the lenses have mold growing on them, some on the inner elements as well. I suspect there may also be mold or other particles on the camera sensors or mirrors.

I’m dropping them off at the Canon authorized repair centre today to see what the damage is and how much it might cost to have it cleaned and serviced. I suspect it won’t be cheap!