• There have been quite a few new things in CSS in the last few years (with decent browser support too!) and I’ve had a few moments of ‘oh you can do that now?’ in the past week as I’m redesigning and rebuilding my website. What’s New Since CSS3 on CSS Tricks

  • Been rebuilding my website and wondering what people are using these days for analytics, if any, as an alternative to Google Analytics? I’m leaning towards Plausible, but Simple Analytics and Fathom seem to be strong contenders too. Thoughts?

  • 📸 Day 14/365 - Fluffy white clouds at sunset, with the silhouette of trees (maybe silver birch?) in the foreground

    Fluffy white clouds at sunset, with the silhouette of trees (maybe silver birch?) in the foreground

  • 📸 Day 13/365 - This past few weeks, Merry has developed a new trait of climbing up to my shoulder while I’m at my desk, purring, then falling asleep. He does this to Anthony too.

    Merry the cat on Jonathan's shoulder

  • 📸 Day 12/365 - Circles in squares. Christmas tree has come down and all the decorations are going to be put away for another year.

    Golden baubles (Christmas decorations) packed in a clear plastic box, arranged in a 4x4 grid.

  • 📸 Day 11/365 - Colourful spices! Marinade for tandoori chicken, comprising of ginger, garlic and coriander (cilantro) paste, cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric and salt

    spices of various colours in a mixing bowl, comprising of ginger, garlic and coriander/cilantro paste (green), cumin & coriander (brown), paprika (red), turmeric (orange) and salt (white)

  • 📸 Day 10/365 - Wildflowers picked while on a walk today. Put them in an old Port bottle ‘vase’

    Yellow flowers in a Port bottle, next to glass-paned patio doors.

  • 📸 Day 9/365 - Dinner - homemade Kung Po Chicken. Not much to look at but so tasty!

    Kung Po Chicken in a white porcelain bowl

  • 📸 Day 8/365 - Blue sky

    View of blue sky with wispy clouds and a faint condensation trail. There is a palm tree in the lower left corner.

  • 📸 Day 7/365 - Been a busy two days dealing with a hacked server infested with malware

    Camera: iPhone Xs

    computer display showing a fragment of code

  • 📸 Day 6/365 - Welcoming/inspecting the new arrival to the household!

    Camera: iPhone Xs

  • 📸 Day 5/365 - Palmela castle while on an evening walk

    Camera: iPhone Xs

    View of a residential street with the medieval castle of Palmela on a hill visible in the background, with lights illuminating the low clouds in the sky.

  • Woke up to a notification email from Google Search Console that someone new was added as an owner to one of my websites hosted on Media Temple. Logged in to find a whole bunch of new php files with dubious contents created earlier today, with .htaccess allowing them to run. Ugh.

  • 📸 Day 4/365 - Espresso machine cleaning day. Look at that filthy group head.

    Camera: iPhone Xs

    The underside of a E61 style group head, showing coffee grinds stuck to the shower screen and gasket.

  • 📸 Day 3/365 - Foggy morning

    Looking down a residential street, several cars parked on the side of the road. The light from a row of street lamps are diffused through fog.

  • 📸 Day 2/365 - Coffee and Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts)

    Espresso coffee in a glass cup and a Portuguese-style custard tart, set on a white plate

  • 📸 Day 1/365 - Catching some rays of sunshine in the new year

    Merry and Pippin, two ginger cats, sitting on a sunny windowsill, looking back at the camera

  • Happy New Year! I’ve decided to try something new and do the 365 Project thing, posting a photo a day, to get myself into a rhythm and practice my photography more, with whatever camera I have at hand.

  • On the last day of the Malmö trip, I took the train over to Copenhagen and spent the day checking out the city, went to a Christmas market, LEGO store, and getting inspired by Scandinavian homewares. More photos on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/jo…

    A 'painting' of one of Copenhagen's main squares, done entirely in LEGO, with a life-sized LEGO model of a woman with a bicycle and flower cart in the foreground Selfie of Jonathan at a Christmas market Interior of Illum department store in Copenhagen, with criss-crossing escalators in the background and an enormous column attached with red and gold birds suspended from the ornate stained-glass roof. Aerial shot out of the aeroplane, above a blanket of thick, low clouds, with a brilliant sun shining

  • A few shots from my trip to Malmö last week to visit my brother Colin who’s just moved there, to celebrate his birthday and welcome him and his partner Claire to Europe. More photos on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/jo…

    Malmö Turning Torso Tower on a sunny day with light clouds and blue sky Malmöhus castle entrance with a bridge in the foreground Artistic orange and blue divider with Malmö University in the background and visible through a gap in the fence A few people walking along the pier leading to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus Open Air baths (Swedish sauna)

  • Got some good news that Pippin seems to have recovered and basically back to normal this morning, and I got Anthony booked on flight over to Paris today. No thanks to TAP who have been useless and I’ve been unable to speak to ANYONE to assist with the rebooking.

  • Got woken up by a cat coughing and vomiting, and an hour or so later found Pippin curled up asleep between us on the bed, but eyes squinting and not looking too good.

    Timing sucks as we are supposed to be flying out to Paris for 5 days today. Anthony thinks it’s probably just a stuck hairball. I could be imagining it but I think he has a bit of a fever and want to take him to the vet.

    In the end Anthony’s decided to stay back and get Pippin checked out and I’ll catch the flight to Paris and will try to change his booking to go tomorrow instead, if all goes well. Poor pippin, hope he’s okay.

  • Here’s another shot from tonight, an 8 minute exposure where the Milky Way is faintly visible.

  • It’s been a few years since I last did any astrophotography, and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. Tonight happened to be a pretty good night for it, so I pulled out my camera, tripod and SkyTracker, and took a few practice shots. Still need to work on focus and polar alignment, but here’s one from tonight, with Jupiter (the brightest spot above the tree) and Saturn (next brightest, to the right and slightly lower) clearly visible.

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