• Been a long time since I’ve done any astrophotography and I’m a bit rusty. Attempted to catch the Perseids meteorites (unsuccessfully) so here are some star trails at Barragem de Vale do Gaio (Vale do Gaio dam)

  • Olá @maique @helgeg I vaguely recall you guys talking about photo printing last year. I have a few shots I’m hoping to print in large format canvas print (approx 100x60cm or maybe larger 120x80cm). Any suggestions for good printers in Lisbon or Portugal? Thanks!

  • So, we bought an electric car! 2019 Kia e-Niro 64 kWh that’s only got a few thousand kms on it, practically brand new. All the fancy features: CarPlay, LED headlamps, sunroof, heated seats+steering (!!)


  • In September last year, I started the process of exchanging my Australian driver license for a Portuguese one. Got all the necessary documents and submitted the application to Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT). Because of the pandemic and various containment measures, most of this was all done online. It took 2 months for my application request to be processed, and I finally got a notification email to make payment, as well as mailing in my original license and supporting documents, and to go in to an IMT counter at my local Loja de Cidadão (Citizen’s shop) for my photo and signature to be taken. I promptly did all of this, and was told to expect the card in the mail in about 1-2 weeks. This was in early November. I got an email on 18 November that my application was completed and a Portuguese license was issued.

    However, as of today, 2 March 2022. I still have not received my license. Even though in my application I had put down our current address, it would appear that IMT used the address from the tax office as my official residential address, which at the time was still my previous apartment in Carcavelos, that I hadn’t updated yet. It’s quite likely they had mailed it there, but our former landlord has checked and there wasn’t any mail with my license.

    I’m now trying to find out from IMT as to what happened to my license and how I can get it back, but even getting an appointment or a queue ticket at the local IMT office is a pain, and a waste of time. So frustrating.

  • Fucking hell. It’s really happening. Can’t believe the Russian invasion of Ukraine is actually happening right now.

  • Yup, NFTs are going great.

    “musical artists logged on to the internet to discover that their songs had been “minted” as nonfungible tokens by a platform they’d never heard of called HitPiece”


  • Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, welcoming the year of the Tiger 🐯

  • 📸 Day 26/365 - New speakers - got a pair of Kanto YU2 desktop speakers.

    Close-up of a single speaker, with a bamboo cabinet, and a single tweeter and a single woofer visible

  • 📸 Day 25/365 - Stained Glass at Alegro Setúbal shopping mall

    Modern geometric stained glass panels over an entry foyer at a shopping mall in Setúbal, Portugal. There is a dolphin sculpture suspended in the foreground

  • 📸 Day 24/365 - Objet D’Art - Picked up this interesting metal sculpture from a homewares shop in Lisbon the other day. Need to find a better spot for it though.

    A metal (possibly cast iron) sculpture with sharp 90° right-angle bend, looping over itself like a Möbius strip or an M.C. Escher drawing.

  • Just received my 3rd dose booster shot 💉💉💉

  • 📸 Day 23/365 - Castle walls at Castelo de Sesimbra

  • 📸 Day 22/365 - Sneak Peek at something I’ve been working on

    Photo of a LCD display, showing a portion of a website

  • 📸 Day 21/365 - Discarded

    A discarded surgical mask on the road

  • 📸 Day 20/365 - Empty parking spots at twilight. Candidate for r/liminalspace maybe?

    Long perspective view of a row of empty car parking spaces lit up by street lamps along a residential street with a central divider. A castle on the hill is visible in the background, against a sunset sky.

  • 📸 Day 19/365 - Wines at the supermarket. I think someone arranged them by their metallic foil colours.

    A row of wine bottles, mostly of a Portuguese label 'Aveleda' with colourful metallic foil capsules in rose gold, yellow and green.

  • 📸 Day 18/365 - Close-up of the cutting of the Tasmanian blue gum

    Close-up shot of eucalyptus tree leaves in their distinctive long and narrow shape.

  • 📸 Day 17/365 - Very strange-looking eucalyptus trees. My plant identifier app says they are Tasmanian blue gums, but they seem to be growing in clumps rather than a single tree trunk.

    A grove of eucalyptus trees, that appear to each have multiple trunks or branches coming out of a central stump, rather than single central tree trunk. The sky is blue with a tinge of purple at sunset.

  • 📸 Day 16/365 - Lemons. Lots and lots of lemons (not ours, unfortunately)

    A lemon tree laden with ripe, yellow lemons

  • 📸 Day 15/365 - Flames - Portuguese chouriço being grilled on a ceramic assador.

    An 'assador', a Portuguese ceramic dish with bars across it, filled with lighter fluid gel that's been set alight, grilling a chouriço Portuguese sausage.

  • Have fallen a bit behind with my daily photos, I have a few queued which I’ll be posting shortly. Apologies in advance for the photo spam :D

  • There have been quite a few new things in CSS in the last few years (with decent browser support too!) and I’ve had a few moments of ‘oh you can do that now?’ in the past week as I’m redesigning and rebuilding my website. What’s New Since CSS3 on CSS Tricks

  • Been rebuilding my website and wondering what people are using these days for analytics, if any, as an alternative to Google Analytics? I’m leaning towards Plausible, but Simple Analytics and Fathom seem to be strong contenders too. Thoughts?

  • 📸 Day 14/365 - Fluffy white clouds at sunset, with the silhouette of trees (maybe silver birch?) in the foreground

    Fluffy white clouds at sunset, with the silhouette of trees (maybe silver birch?) in the foreground

  • 📸 Day 13/365 - This past few weeks, Merry has developed a new trait of climbing up to my shoulder while I’m at my desk, purring, then falling asleep. He does this to Anthony too.

    Merry the cat on Jonathan's shoulder

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